Posted by: All things nice.. | May 11, 2009

Issues involved in the protection of our natural heritage

Scenic View 3There are a number of issues today involved in the protection of our natural heritage. Our natural heritage is one of our biggest assets including our plants, birds, animals, landforms, geology, natural beauty and amenity. Much of our countryside is under strong urban influence resulting in increased pressure for land. The construction of various types of infrastructure is also a principal issue in natural heritage protection. In order for an area to be sustainable infrastructural developments are required. The construction of railways, bridges, roadways, by passes, roundabouts, and wind farms all affect the natural heritage of an area. Another issue arises in relation to the countryside as a place of recreation. Many parts of the countryside  contains walking routes and scenic routes. Demand for other recreational uses such as golf courses, hotels, and race courses  can affect our natural heritage. These are large scale developments which ultimately alter the entire landscape in which they are sited. Natural heritage is a base for both economic and social activity. There are measures which can be put in place to ensure that development does not have a negative impacts on the natural heritage of an area; these include the use of planning briefs, the appointment of an ecology officer, implementation of government policies and the use of Environment Impact Assessment. It is important that there is a balance between development, economy and the natural heritage of an area. There will always be conflict in terms of development versus the natural heritage; however careful consideration and management of development proposals can result in more positive protection of our natural heritage.


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