Posted by: All things nice.. | August 26, 2009

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, Fluttering from the autumn tree- Emily Bronte

Autumn is almost upon us, it marks the end of the growing season. Watch out for the Blackberries, Sloes, elderberries and Rose hips. Animals begin building up their stores of fat to help them survive the long winter ahead when food is scarce. Others animals will soon hibernate such as the Hedgehog. Foxes, hedgehogs and squirrels take advantage of the supply of fruit, nuts and seeds. Keep an eye out for our native red squirrel. The trees will begin to shed their leaves, the green of the summer foliage are transformed into vivid colours of yellow, red, orange, crimson, and brown, before leaves finally drift off trees. Birds will begin to migrate to far away places for their wintering grounds. The Swallows and Swifts start to move southwards to Africa in search of warmer temperatures when the cold weather begins to set in here in Ireland. Others, such as the Greenland white fronted goose, the whooper swan and the red-tailed godwit stay in Ireland for the duration of the winter, until late Spring.

Blackberries Squirrel St James Park

Blackberries & Squirrel


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