Posted by: All things nice.. | September 28, 2009

Celebrate National Badger Day 2009

National Badger Day 2009 will take place on Saturday October 3rd 2009.

Badgers are dark grey with black and white striped faces. They have white tipped ears. They live in social groups of one or two families in underground setts. They are mostly noctural animals and are rarely seen out and about during the day time. They are omnivores and eat worms, frogs, insects, smalll mammals and plants.

The badger is found throughout parts of Europe and Asia, from Ireland in the West to Japan in the East. It is found in all European countries including some of the Mediterrnean Islands. They are not found in the northern parts of Russia.

In Ireland badgers are protected under the Wildlife Act, however a number have been culled in efforts to halt the spread of TB in cattle.



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