Posted by: All things nice.. | November 19, 2009

Native Plant Species Ireland

Native Plant Species are species which have arrived in Ireland naturally without the assistance of people. These species were present in Ireland before the last Ice Age. They adapted to the environmental conditions in Ireland and therefore thrive here. Native Plant Species are very beneficial to wildlife providing both food and shelter. The fauna and insects of Ireland have adapted to live with native species over time.

Native Species of plants and trees sustain the greatest biodiversity. When landscaping around your home use native species where possible. Local nurseries and garden centres will have a range of native species in stock.

Non native or invasive species should be avoided. Suitable plants may include native and indigenous plants which may include;




Dog Rose


Crab Apple

Guelder Rose



  1. Many of the fruits are native species that grow wild in various parts of the country. Agustin Landscaping

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