Posted by: All things nice.. | December 10, 2009

Irish Wetlands Bird Survey (I-WeBS)

Today I learned about the Irish Wetland Bird Survey iWeBS which is a joint project of Birdwatch Ireland and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Ireland supports over a million migrant waterbirds each winter. Most species which occur in Ireland migrate from the north and northwest (Canada, Greenland and Iceland) or from the northeast (northern continential Europe, including Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia), moving south to winter predominately in west and northwest Europe and west Africa (Wetlands International, 2006, Wernham et al., 2002). The climate in Ireland and the variety of wetland habitats attract the wintering waterbirds to Ireland.

I-WeBS aims to monitor all non- breeding waterbirds in Ireland to provide data on which the conservation of their populations and wetland habitats is based. I-WeBS has three main objectives;

– To assess the importance of individual sites for waterbirds,

-To assess the size of non-breeding waterbird populations inIreland,

-To assess trends in their numbers and distributions.

Anyone intersted in taking part in the survey can find further details on the Bird Watch Ireland Website


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