Posted by: All things nice.. | December 15, 2009

What is Biodiversity??

Biodiversity is all around us from the bogs, to the scenic lakes, wetlands and grasslands within the landscape. It also occurs in urban centres. Biodiversity is all around us everywhere, be it a spider spinning a web in the corner of the house or mosses on a stone wall, it is part of our life. There are numerous benefits of biodiveristy and therefore it is important for a number of reasons including;

•Health Benefits- filters pollutants, prevents flooding, better quality of life

•Economic Benefits- direct and indirect jobs, tourism, food, fuel, raw materials

 •Cultural Benefits- heritage, folklore, placenames

Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs)

What are Local Biodiversity Action Plans you may ask??

Local Biodiversity Action Plans translate International, European and National policies and obligations at a more local level. They provide a framework for the conservation of biodiversity while assisting in sustainable planning and development. They also help to promote and raise public awareness of biodiversity. They help to collate and collect information on biodiversity at a local level. Under the National Biodiversity Plan (2002)  each Local Authority must prepare a Local Biodiversity Action Plan for their area. Biodiversity Action Plans  engage a number of people from wide ranging sectors to forumalte a plan to give guidance, provide clarity and support for people’s aims as well as help prevent unnecessary repetition. The Local Biodiversity Action Plan consists of Aims, Objectives and Actions which should be undertaken within the time frame of the plan.

For more information on Biodiversity in Ireland check out the National Parks and Wildlife Service Website or the National Biodiversity Data Centre Website


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