Posted by: All things nice.. | February 11, 2010

A Walk in the Woods in the beginning of Spring

Today was a lovely sunny Spring day but it was very cold. We went for a walk in the woods, there is not much signs of Spring yet but the sun began to shine through the canopy of trees and the forest floor looked like it came alive.  The last photograph is of a puddle which was frozen over with ice, look at the lovely designs as a result of  the ice melting and re-freezing again and again. Hope you enjoy the photographs of my walk in the woods. Our natural heritage is very important to us and we should all get out and appreciate it more when we have time!








  1. This is gorgeous, All things nice… how i would have loved to walked with you in this lovely forest ! Where is it ? Your pictures are magnificent and so inviting ! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Isa,

    Thank you for your kind words, this wood is called Derrycassin Woods located in County Longford Ireland on the shores of Lough Gowna. It covers an area of one hundred and seventy-nine acres and is managed by Coillte. I love going there 🙂

    All things nice…

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