Country heritage is all about the rich and varied heritage found all over Ireland. Heritage includes built heritage- architecture and archaeology, natural heritage/biodiversity-flora and fauna, habitats and ecosystems and cultural heritage. It is the simpe things in life including our local heritage which sometimes we become so familiar  we do not realise the importance, beauty or interest of it.  So my note to you is why not get out, discover, explore and enjoy the  heritage of your local area!


Well I’m a geographer having completed a Degree & Masters in Geography. I was never fond of any of my other subjects in school so focused on what I liked. I like anything to do with the study of the Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena.


I worked as a teacher for awhile but it didn’t suit me, I didn’t have the patience and didn’t like being stuck in a classroom all day! I completed a Diploma in Community Development Practice at night to keep my mind occupied while I was teaching. I am a real country girl at heart and have a keen interst in all rural issues particularly heritage, nature, environment and planning. 


Following on from that I continued my studies and qualified with a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. I qualified as a planner last year and since then have continued to work in rural Ireland in both planning and heritage related posts. I am currrently undertaking a course in Ecology and learning more and more about biodiversity, plant science, plant identification and water management. I am also volunteering to take part in some bird surveys. I enjoy birdwatcing, nature walks and crafts.


  1. I am glad to have discovered your blog and like your approach about “heritage”. How true that simple things around us are most valuable and worth of interest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures of beautiful Ireland.

    • Isa
      Thank you so much, Im gald you enjoy my blog, until recently I have updated my other personal blog much more but now I am trying to keep them both updated.

      And the best thing about the simple things around us which are most valuable are that they are truly free. You live in switzerland, I have never visited but I have heard great things about it.

  2. […] Country Heritage […]

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