Built Heritage


Built Heritage includes architecture and archaeology which varies from traditional buildings, listed buildings, protected structures, buildings in Architectural Conservation Areas, National Momunents and any building/ structure dating from the past. It is all part of our heritage! Basically all man made features can be termed built heritage.

Conservation of Historic Buildings.

Historic buildings play an integral part in the defining character of our countryside, small towns and villages and thus contribute to our sense of place.  Conservation is the process of protecting our architectural heritage which is a unique resource to us. Some buildings may have cultural, historical, architectural, or craftsmanship which is of special interest to us. Conservation allows these objects of significance to be retained, reserved, preserved and conserved, which in turn has aesthetic, historical, cultural, environmental and economic benefits. Conservation is about taking action to prevent decay and manage change positively. Conservation allows the life of buildings of special importance to be preserved thereby prolonging their life’

Values of conservation:

1 Emotional values- wonder, identity, continuity, spiritual and symbolic

2 Cultural values- documentary, historic, archaeological, age & scarcity, aesthetic, symbolic, architectural, townscape, landscape, ecological, technological and scientific

3 Use values- functional, economic, social, educational, political and ethnic.

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